PeriOptix Loupes

PeriOptix Loupes

Through-the-lens magnification means….. MOST Lightweight. GREATEST Clarity.

Dental practitioners often suffer from back and neck pain and many suffer from eye strain. Take care of yourself and consider a pair of PeriOptix loupes. They promote proper posture, reduced fatigue, enhance vision and add to career longevity.

We are certified PeriOptix loupe specialists and can fit you for the perfect through-the-lens loupe.

Why choose PeriOptix Through-The-Lens

The lightest at only 36gm

The largest field of view

Excellent resolution and clarity

Affordable price

Perivista frames:


Unlike other TTL style frames that have a fixed viewing angle, Perivista has 3 adjustable declination angles at the temple hinge.

Adjustable at the temples (the adjustment is in the frame, not the lens)

Soft, adjustable nose pads (with 2 positions)

Through-the-Lens Style offers:

Improved visualization of fine detail

Improved posture

A wide & deep field of view (10cm)

Less eye strain

Greatly reduced weight on the face

Wrap-around design, making shields unnecessary

Choice of working distance based on your height

Red or Black frame

Fixed IPD means the lens never needs adjusting

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