Posterior Crown & Bridge Remover


WAMKey is a special key system ( 3 key sizes ) to efficiently remove posterior crowns.

  • Allows you to remove the crown whole without destroying it in less than 2 minutes
  • Lifts the crown from the centre of the occlusal surface, not the edge – retaining the crown margins
  • Prevents root fracture from forces applied to one margin of the crown
  • Endo treatment ‘must have’ allows better and easier access compared to drilling a hole in the crown – simply remove the crown, perform endo, re-cement the crown as a temp

Its unique patented design relies on leverage to push the crown off following the path of least resistance. No trauma to the patient, the ligament or the crown.

Forget wasting time & dozens of burs drilling off crowns & bridges.

WAMKey will safely and gently remove C&B – your patients will prefer this method!

Since you leave the crown or bridge intact – most dentists re-use them as temporaries or in some cases permanently.


WAMKey Kit contains: 3 x Keys sizes: 1, 2, 3, DVD & instructions


WAMKey Intro Kit

Code: INS56-360

AU$360.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

How does WAMKey work?

WAMKey doesn't pull the crown off, it actually PUSHES it off from underneath!

Once the key is placed inside the prepared slot, the turning action exerts only a natural compressive pressure on the supporting tooth structure, the pressure gradually increases until the crown is easily lifted & removed - without impact, damage or discomfort. WAMKey uses leverage.


When removing the crown will I break the tooth or remove the core-build-up?

No. Simply place drilled slot into the correct position and depth - there is virtually no risk to fracture the tooth.  The WAMKey pushes down on the core.


Why are there 3 keys in the kit?

Start with the smallest key #1 to get as close as possible to the tooth's vertical axis.

If key #1 is spinning around inside the crown and not giving the leverage to lift the crown or bridge, then move onto key size #2 which is larger. (This typically happens when there is a thick cement layer, some decay or a build-up in amalgam.) These 2 first instruments should always be used with no more than 2 fingers.


In some situations, you will need the largest key size 3, for example, large molars crowns and tightly adjusted crowns. WAMKey size 3 is 40 times stronger than the other ones.


You wouldn’t be able to remove every crown with only 1 key – that’s why there are 3 different key sizes in the kit.



Can I use WAMKey to remove all types of crown & bridge?

Yes. And it is recommended to use these types of burs on these types of materials to make your slot:

  • Porcelain and porcelain fused to metal: Use diamond burs to avoid fracturing porcelain
  • Metal: Use carbide burs
  • Zirconia: Use Great White Zirconia Bur


Can I use WAMKey on anterior teeth?

No. WAMKey is for use on posterior crown & bridge.



Firstly, locate the most accessible spot on the crown. The goal is to estimate the cement layer level between the occlusal surface of the abutment and the inner side of the crown itself. 

Use a diamond bur on porcelain, Great White 2 carbide bur on metal and Great White Z on zirconia. 

Enlarge this slot until you can see the cement layer through the window.

Helpful hint - use your loupes

Next, deepen the slot until the bur reaches the centre of the tooth preparation. 

Slightly extend the slot to form a horizontal rectangle. 

Finally, insert the WAM Key and gently rotate the handle. WAM!

The crown is removed! 


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