Great White Gold Series GW2 

Metal Cutting Carbide Bur


The Great White 2 (GW2) cuts smoothly & swiftly through all hard dental materials.



  • Great for amalgam removal
  • Cutting through PFM
  • Unique design with multi blade crosscut dentates and advanced round blade geometry
  • Cuts more efficiently than a straight bladed bur, will not catch, grab or stall
  • Thicker reinforced neck to eliminate breakage
  • Designed to cut hard materials such as metal, porcelain and composite
  • Cuts smoothly both vertically and horizontally, on the side of the bur, and on the tip
  • Extra crosscuts provide less vibration, improving patient comfort and experience
  • Provides less wear and tear on your expensive handpieces


Less is more! Reduce bur inventory in your practice when you switch to this bur for C&B and Amalgam removal.

GW Gold Series Carbide Straight Fissure GW2 1558 (100pk)

Code: SSW48-245

was AU$590.00

now AU$490.00 (Incl. GST 10%)




The Great White 2 Bur is designed to eliminate bur breakage when cutting hard dental materials such as metal, porcelain and amalgam.  SS White have increased the dentates and incorporated enhanced blade geometry using the finest material. These burs will cut fast & efficiently. They won’t catch or grab or stall.


Less Waste. Less Inventory.



You would use several diamond burs to remove amalgam & PFM’s. That’s because the diamond particles clog up and becomes less efficient.  Think about a piece of sandpaper. After a few strokes across a piece of wood or other material the sandpaper clogs up and is less efficient. That’s the same with the diamond bur.



There are other carbides available on the market. However, if you have tried other carbides you know that takes a few of them to remove a PFM.  It only takes 1 GW2 and you will soon find out that you can remove multiple crowns with 1 bur.

A study conducted at the University of Maryland confirms that SS White burs are stronger than another leading competitor.

Save time, inventory costs and streamline your ordering.


Great White 2 Tips for use:

  • Recommended speed 300,000 RPM’s
  • Use appropriate air and water during use
  • Apply light contact pressure during use


The GW2 Bur is Sold in a 100 pack.

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