BioClear Anterior

Matrix System

Aesthetic Form and Function for Anterior Restorations


The BioClear System is a completely new concept in creating aesthetic anterior composite restorations. The matrices, instruments and process have changed & improved the paradigm.  No more frustrating unlifelike flat mylar surfaces. Now you can create beautiful curves like nature intended.


It’s the result of the vision of Dr David Clark from Seattle Washington who designed the BioClear System.


Treatments now simplified:

  • Peg laterals – On average 5% of the population suffer with this negative space in their smile. Now you can restore these, and change their entire smile.
  • Diastema closure – Now you can close these to a completely natural and attractive appearance.
  • Gaps, Cracks, Spaces, and Class III’s - BioClear allows you to restore conservatively with a predictable outcome

Bioclear Full Anterior Matrix Kit (135 Matrices)

Code: BIO14-002

was AU$690.00

now AU$590.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

What makes BioClear Matrices Unique:

  • They are anatomically shaped
  • Are formed to adapt and seal cervically
  • MIMICS NATURE: Curvature is different on mesial & distal matrices. Mesial matrices curve is flatter and distal curvature is more pronounced. The result is that your restoration will mimic a more pronounced emergence profile on distal surfaces.
  • The system includes curve variations and explains when & where to use each type. Both upper and lower and from canine to canine are included in the system.
  • The matrix dictates the appropriate shape and emergence profile
“After 28 years of dentistry I feel like a kid again. I am able to give something that has no compromises on beauty or longevity, or any of the compromises of reduction dentistry. It enables me to satisfy the patient and run a profitable practice.” 
Dr David Clark

Improved Process

  • The BioClear method is taught using the ‘Injection Moulding Technique.’
  • BioClear matrices work together with flowable and warmed injectable composite.



  • Remove biofilm
  • Place BioClear matrix into the sulcus, the matrix is stabilized and marginally sealed by the papilla.
  • Continue with bonding process
  • Flowable & warmed composite are injected into the embrasure


It’s this winning combination that delivers:

  • Beautifully blended, contoured conservative composite restorations
  • Tight contoured contacts
  • Perfectly smooth surface finishes
  • True infinity edge margins
  • Preserves gingival papilla
  • Predictable results


Additional Instrumentation included:

  • Diamond Wedges to provide adaptation and separation for all types of cases
  • BioClear TruContact Saws and Sanders to work in sequence to lighten the contact. This makes placement of the matrices easy. As an additional advantage, the TruContact also removes biofilm from the contact.


Anterior Kit Contents: 135 Matrices total
Anterior Matrices: 15 of each: A101, A102, A103, A104, A105
Diastema Closure Matrices: 15 of each: DC201, DC202, DC203, DC204
64 Diamond Wedges: 16 of each: Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
3 TruContact Saws & Sanders: 1 Blue Saw, 1 Red Sander & 1 Orange Sander
& Anterior Instruction Card. 


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