Turbo Temp 3

Bis-Acryl Temporary C&B Material


Danville’s Turbo Temp 3 has better properties than most other temporary crown and bridge materials on the market and cost 30% less.


Physical Properties:

• High flexural strength 81.2 Mpa

• High flexural modulus 2635 Mpa

• High diametral strength 40 Mpa

• High compressive strength 177 Mpa


Excellent Clinical Features:

• Beautiful aesthetics

• Is stain resistant

• Is easily trimmed & polished

• Fast: 55 second working time & 90 second set time

• Low shrinkage for precise fit

• Low exothermal generation

• Minimal oxygen inhibition layer

• Has a 91% clinical rating from the Dental Advisor.



Packaged in 76 gram 10:1 cartridge. Dispensing gun and slider sold separately.

Turbo Temp

Code: DAN30V349

AU$175.00 (Incl. GST 10%)


Turbo Temp 3 Technique Tips

Your choice to either bonded or shrink fit your temporaries:


Bonded temps

  • It’s generally good to etch a spot on each tooth about 3mm in diameter on the facial surface, away from the incisal edge.
  • After washing and drying, apply a fairly thick bonding agent such as Danville’s Prelude Adhesive to the etched area. Cure the spot of bonding agent.
  • Inject TurboTemp into the prep areas of the preliminary impression, being sure to avoid bubble trapping (a needle tip helps). Have the patient close into the tray. Wait 3 minutes and then have the patient open. The TurboTemp will remain on the teeth.
  • Remove the gingival flash, preferably with Danville’s Retract Instrument. Light cure through the TurboTemp in order to attach the TurboTemp to the spot bond. Repair any bubbles with a flowable composite such as StartFlow. Polish the facial surface. You are finished.


If the temps are bonded, after removal of the temps it will be necessary to remove the spot of bond; a disc usually works well. If they are not bonded, fracturing off the TurboTemp completes removal.


Non-bonded temps "shrink wrap"

  • Inject TurboTemp into the prep areas of the preliminary impression and place in the mouth.
  • After 3 minutes, remove the impression.
  • The TurboTemp will remain on the teeth. Do not remove the temps from the teeth but instead trim off the flash at the margins. A Retract instrument is a very handy way to cleave off the flash. (Move the Retract instrument up and down, parallel to the teeth.)

To remove the temps, they will need to be slit with a rotary diamond and then wedged to fracture into two or more pieces.

An option is to apply MicroPrime prior to forming the temporaries, as a desensitizer and antimicrobial agent.

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