MicroPrime G

Universal Desensitizing Agent


MicroPrime G eliminates sensitivity from cervical erosions & eliminates post-op sensitivity when used prior to placing restorations.

Proven HEMA formulation reliably plugs tubules and serves as an ideal antimicrobial agent.


Compatible with all bonding systems, cements and amalgam. Has been proven not to reduce bond strength.


So what makes Microprime G unique? NOTHING.

It has the same formulation as another ‘well known’ brand that starts with the letter G.

The only difference is the price. Expect to pay 1/3 for MicroPrime G.


Formulation: 35% Hema and 5% Glutaraldehyde.



• Before placing bonding agents

• Provisional restorations

• Amalgam & cemented restorations

• Cervical erosions


MicroPrime G comes packaged in a 10 ml bottle.

Danville MicroPrime Desensitizer G (10ml)

Code: DAN18-002

AU$120.00 (Incl. GST 10%)
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