BioClear Black Triangle (BT) Matrix System

Aesthetic Correction for Open Gingival Embrasures

Interdental “black triangles” are rated as the third most disliked aesthetic problem. Black Triangles create a prematurely aged effect. This is a common issue seen in over 30% of adult population.  Until now, any attempt to close black triangles has either been aggressive dentistry or conservative dentistry, with disappointing aesthetic results.
Thanks to Dr David Clark - there is a new and improved way to treat this condition with great success: BioClear’s Black Triangle Matrix System.
Q: Why do BioClear Black Triangle treatments look so impressive?
A: It’s the immediate formation of a papilla – created by remodelling the gingiva with static tension from the appropriately formed composite.
The BT System enables Black Triangle closure for:-
Canine to canine upper and lower arches
Small to large open gingival embrasures

Black Triangle Kit (80 Matrices)

Code: BIO14-006

was AU$750.00

now AU$650.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

The BioClear BT (Black Triangle) System Includes

2 sizes:

  • I. Small incisor matrices used for mandibular incisors and small maxillary lateral incisors
  • II. Large incisor matrices used for maxillary central Incisors, large maxillary lateral incisors, maxillary and mandibular canines, and maxillary and mandibular bicuspids.
  • 4 different colour coded curvatures: Pink 1mm, Yellow 1.5mm, Green 2mm and Blue 2.5mm
  • Colour coded gauge instrument corresponds to colour coded matrices making curvature selection easy
  • Matrices are anatomically shaped
  • Are formed to adapt and seal cervically



“Before the invention of the Bioclear Matrix, and prior to a disciplined approach to composite treatment of black triangles, many treatments compromised periodontal health. Multiple cases debonded soon after placement, while others suffered problems with staining. Bioclear Matrix offers a better solution.” Dr David Clark DDS



Improved Process


  • The BioClear method is taught using the ‘Injection Moulding Technique.’
  • BioClear matrices work together with flowable and warmed paste injectable composite.




  • Place BioClear colour coded gauge into the interdental space. The colour on the gauge indicates which matrice to select with the ideal curvature
  • Remove biofilm
  • Place matrix into the sulcus, the matrix is stabilized and marginally sealed by the papilla. Continue with bonding materials
  • Flowable & warmed composite are injected into the embrasure



This winning combination delivers:


  • Promotion of healthy gingival tissue
  • Preservation of gingival papilla
  • Conservative treatment
  • Predictable aesthetic results for a youthful smile
  • Tight contoured contacts
  • Perfectly smooth surface finish


Black Triangle Kit Contents: 80 Matrices total
40 Small Matrices: 10 of each colour Pink, Yellow, Green & Blue
40 Large Matrices: 10 of each colour Pink, Yellow, Green & Blue
1 Autoclavable Colour Coded Probe Instrument
3 TruContacts: 1 Red Sander, 1 Orange Sander & 1 Blue Saw
1 Dual Colour Disclosing Solution 3 ml bottle & Instructions for Use


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