Biofit HD Posterior System

Posterior Matrix Kit


The BioClear Posterior System produces ideal snug, broad & tight contacts for Class II restorations with a smooth glass-like finish. Combining the BioFit Matrices, Twin Ring and Diamond Wedges - tooth separation is effortless and matrix adaptation superior. 


Metal matrices by comparison lack form and use retaining rings that pop, bend and break.  David Clark, who has won countless awards and accolades for his award-winning Anterior matrix systems - now brings the Biofit HD POSTERIOR System to create superb posterior composite restorations.

This new matrix system can be used with injection-moulding and bulk-filling composite to create strong, smooth, and anatomic contacts.


Treatments Possible:

  • Minimally invasive small posterior cavities
  • Large deep posterior cavities


“The only way to stop a tooth from fracturing during the lifetime of the tooth is to use a less damaging solution.” Dr David Clark DDS


Bioclear Biofit Posterior Matrix Kit (150 Matrices)

Code: BIO14-004

was AU$890.00

now AU$790.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

What makes BioClear Posterior System Unique:


The Matrices:

  • BioFit matrices offer 30% more buccal/ lingual and occlusal wrap than traditional matrices
  • Maintain shape during placement & after manipulation
  • Unique shape is appropriate for 75% of molar cases
  • Curved occlusal embrasure creates rounded marginal ridge. There is no need to shorten or reshape the occlusal embrasure with burs or discs
  • Available in two thicknesses: Translucent HD 76 Micron and Blue 50 Micron
    • Biofit HD Matrices are 76 µ translucent mylar and are more rigid, allowing them to be placed as easily as metal matrices.
    • Biofit Blue Matrices are 50 µ transparent blue mylar and are ideal for cases where a more flexible matrix is needed
  • Matrices come in 3 sizes: 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm, which feature a large occlusal tab that aids placement and control during wedging
  • Translucent material allows thorough light-cure
  • Delivers a smooth glass-like finish with proper contour and tight contact


The Diamond Wedges:

  • Require less effort to place compared to traditional wedges. The diamond shaped cut-out in the tip collapses during insertion & then springs open once through the embrasure. This creates a tight seal and the wedge will not back out.
  • The flexibility creates excellent marginal adaptation and eliminates flow of excess composite to make clean-up a breeze.


The Twin Rings: Pre-molar & Molar

  • Strong, long-life twin NiTi wires
  • Strong and even tension
  • Excellent memory
  • Adapt to a variety of tooth shapes


Biofit Posterior Kit Contents: 150 Matrices
75 Biofit HD 76-micron Translucent: 25 of each 4.5mm, 5.5mm & 6.5mm
75 Biofit 50-micron Blue: 25 of each 4.5mm, 5.5mm & 6.5mm
80 Diamond Wedges: 16 of each: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large & Deep Caries
2 x Twin Rings: Pre-Molar & Molar
1 x Twin Ring Forcep, 1 x Curved Matrix Tweezer & Posterior Instruction Card



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