RTD Macro-Lock

Illusion XRO Post Kit

Retentive Quartz Fibre Post
Colour-On-Command Technology


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The most retentive fibre post on the market:
Contains anti-rotational grooves to lock in cement
Over 125 MPa is necessary to pull the post out


The most radiopaque post: 
It is 50% more radiopaque


The highest flexural strength:
200 MPa more
Flexes at the rate of dentine


The most identifiable:
Coloured outside the mouth;
Translucent at body temperature


Simple to remove for canal retreatment: 

  • Spray with cold water
  • Colour returns
  • Then drill out


Colour when you need it. Invisible when you don’t.

Macro Lock Illusion XRO Intro Kit

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now AU$400.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

The Macro-Lock Illusion XRO Post is designed with a series of serrations and passive threads cut into the surface. This provides self-retention and anti-rotation regardless of the cement used. A versatile and perfect system whether the dentist decides on a tradional bonding process with a composite resin, or an all-in-one luting cement or for those who prefer glass ionomer cement.


Independent research shows retentive strength previously unattained.


Published in vitro studies rate these quartz fiber posts as the highest in terms of radiopacity, flexural strength and fatigue resistance.


RTD has used proprietary, radiopaque QUARTZ fibers in its posts since 2000 (with and without intrinsic color-coding) making them the innovators with this technology.


RTD Macro-Lock Illusion XRO Post Kit contains: 20 posts each hygienically packed into individual blisters: 5 each of #1, #2, #3, and #4 and 6 autoclavable drills: 2 universal, 1 each of #1, #2, #3, and #4 and Instructions

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