Micro Etcher IIA

Intra & Extra Oral Sandblaster
Increases Bond Strengths Up to 400%

  • Micro Etcher provides precise surface micro-roughening – which increases the surface area – means all mechanical bonding procedures are improved
  • Use Intra orally & Extra orally on these dental surfaces to increase bond strength & longevity & reduce bonding failure: Metal, Composite, Zirconia, Porcelain, Amalgam, And Orthodontic brackets & bands


Clinical Procedures

  • Removes tough stains, old resin, cements and debris
  • Improves intraoral porcelain repair
  • Preps pit & fissures, incipient lesions and minor Class I & V
  • Cleans dark grooves to reveal decay
  • Debrides bur preps for ultimate aesthetics & bonds


Year after Year Ranked as #1 Intraoral Sandblaster

MicroEtcher IIA - Autoclavable

Code: DAN65-050

was AU$850.00

now AU$750.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

Clinicians who know successful bonding swear by the MicroEtcher™ IIA Intraoral Sandblaster as being one of the most valuable tools for dentistry.


Sandblasting is fast and easy and only requires a few seconds. Surface area and surface reactivity are dramatically increased for maximum bond.


The Micro Etcher IIA is constructed from USA stainless steel and is fully autoclavable. Simply remove the tip and autoclave it separately. The plastic jar that holds the abrasive powder must be removed prior to autoclaving as the jar is not autoclavable.


The system includes:

  • Rotatable and removable 360° slimline tip for best intra oral visibility
  • 2 x refillable jars with spill resistant filters
  • Airline hose
  • Instructions


Set-up & Operation:

  • Simple finger button activation with connection to airline only
  • Use 50 Micron Aluminium Oxide with your Micro Etcher - available separately
  • Either set stationary to your airline OR add the Quick disconnect fitting for portability - available separately
  • Minimum pressure of 45 PSI (2.5 Bar) is required for effective operation
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