Perma Evolution

Root Canal Sealant Paste

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Contains nano-fillers which give additional strength and bonding power to the material. 
“Now a real challenge to other
root canal sealants in this class”
If your current material is very runny, technique sensitive and giving a different result each time –
SWITCH to Perma Evolution® for a nice even coat and consistent results.
Continue reading to see recent research.
Perma Evolution® Features:
Compatible with all root filling techniques
Used with gutta percha to fill the canal & to seal the apex and coronal portion of the canal.
Anti-microbial action to protect against reinfection of the canal
Strong adhesion to dentine
Contains nano-filler for strength
Prevents apical microleakage
Dimensionally stable
White colour to match the tooth (NOT grey)
Convenient auto mix syringe
Package contains 12 gram auto mix syringe with 20 mixing tips and 20 endo tips, plus BONUS 12 gram syringe. 

Perma Evolution Root Filling Paste 12gm (5ml) Automix Kit

Code: MAT19-010

AU$179.00 (Incl. GST 10%)


Moogi et al (2020), in Endodontology compared 2 epoxy resin root sealants in a randomized study:

Perma Evolution® & AH Plus®. Scanning electron microscopy was utilised.


“There was a significant difference” in mean marginal adaptation. Perma Evolution® exhibited an average marginal gap of 6.02 +- 4.81, and AH Plus® 6.56 +- 4.73.

Their conclusion:

“Perma Evolution® is better adapted to root canal dentine than AH Plus® sealer.”



Compare the quantity & prices of the 2 auto mix systems:



AH Plus® Jet™

Perma Evolution®

Package size

2 x 15 gm

2 x 12 gm

Package price



Price per gram

$12.22 per gm

$7.46 per gm


*As at 6/1/21

AH Plus® Jet™ is a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona

Perma Evolution® is a registered trademark of Alfred Becht GMGH

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