Accolade SRO

Super Radiopaque Flowable Composite

Ideal Light-cured Base Composite


“It’s All About The Base”

Described by Prof Ray Bertolotti as:

“World’s Most Radiopaque Flowable Composite”


  • SRO the ideal base composite due to its Radiopacity, Strength, and Adaptability


  • Radiopacity 320% of aluminium for easy to read radiographs
  • Easily distinguishable on X-rays – eliminates appearance of voids on X-rays
  • Medium Viscosity flows well yet is very thixotropic to resist slumping
  • Use at base of proximal box as stress breaker
  • Slow fluoride releasing


Accolade SRO

Code: DAN03V108

AU$110.00 (Incl. GST 10%)


Technique Tip: Q & A:

Q:  How is Accolade SRO Super Radiopaque different from other flowables?

A:  SRO has been confirmed as the most radiopaque of 19 popular flowables on the market

(Dukic, 2013; Thompson 2011). So SRO eliminates the apparent voids on x-rays that the other radiolucent flowables produce.


Q:  Should I use Accolade SRO for every restoration?

A:  No. SRO’s radiopaque filler makes it opaque & chalky in appearance.

For translucency use Startflow, Regular Accolade or Aria.


SRO is most ideal as a liner.


Exceptional compressive strength & radiopacity, with void free adaptability means Accolade SRO is ideal base material.


Available in 5-gram Syringes including 18-gauge dispensing tips in popular shades: A2, A5, Extra Light.

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