Bulk EZ - Single Layer DC Bulk Fill Composite

Directed Shrinkage Polymerizes Towards the Prepped Tooth Surface
Unlike Light-cured materials that shrink away from the walls towards the light

  • No Gap
  • No Microleakage
  • No Sensitivity
  • No time-consuming layering: 90 sec self-cure & you're finished
  • No layering saves 60% of filling time
  • Proprietary IntelliTek® Curing Technology
  • Unlimited Depth of Cure
  • Flowable & adaptable viscosity
  • Highly filled for superior strength
  • Radiopaque
  • Compatible with all bonds and with total etch, selective etch, self-etch procedures


Bulk EZ steps

  • Prep, clean & bond
  • Apply matrix
  • Apply tip to Bulk EZ cartridge & place deep into the prep
  • Fill towards the occlusal surface with tip remaining in the material
  • Allow 90 seconds to Self-Cure (Do not light-cure for 90 seconds)
  • Remove matrix, adjust occlusion & finish


“Bulk EZ is a game changer that I believe in and endorse” Raymond L. Bertolotti, DDS

Bulk EZ Kit A1 A2 A3 = 3 Syr 6 gm each + 20 Tips

Code: DAN03-010

AU$330.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

Bulk EZ is a Dual-cured, Directed Shrinkage, Single Step Bulk Fill composite indicated for Class I and Class II fillings. Conventional techniques that can involve a multitude of 2 mm layers – with the possibility of further shrinkage stress and gap formations.


Bulk EZ is applied in 1 simple step and auto cures towards the bonded surface & towards the floor and the walls of the prep – thereby assuring no lift off or gap at the base of the prep. Finally, A Cure for Shrinkage Stress & Microleakage


What is the patent pending Proprietary IntelliTek® Curing Technology in Bulk EZ?
It’s what allows Bulk EZ to set within 90 seconds so that you don’t get the volumetric shrinkage away from the tooth actually cures towards the tooth.


There are several Bulk fill composites to choose from. Why use Bulk EZ?
Dr Nathanial Lawson, University of Alabama, tested 3 different bulk fill materials.  Unlike the others Bulk EZ had no microleakage at the gingival margin. SEM’s clearly showed the others had micro-leakage.
Watch this short presentation from Dr Michael Miyasaki to see the tests:

More game changing clinical advantages:

  • Highly filled flowable means ideal cavity adaptation and strong
  • Flexural strength of 138 MPa makes it amongst the best
  • Nano microhybrid results in a high polish 
  • Beautiful aesthetics: Unlike light cured ‘bulk fills’ that are so translucent they appear grey
  • Sets in 90 seconds, unlike 15 minutes for a layering technique
  • Ensures complete curing even in the deepest box
  • High radiopacity of 320% Al for easy viewing on X-Rays
  • Can fill to the occlusal or top off with composite of your choice


Bulk EZ Kit contains:
Bulk EZ A1, A2, A3 syringes; 6 grams each & Bulk EZ 17-gauge mixing tips (x10), Bulk EZ 19-gauge mixing tips (x10) & Instructions.

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