Great White Zirconia Bur Kit

Multi layered fine diamond burs

Cuts and adjusts Zirconia: Crowns, Bridges and Substructures fast and effortlessly


What Makes Great White Z different?


SS White manufacture these burs by using a proprietary diamond bonding process using fine grit synthetic diamond particles. The process and the materials create a more consistent particle coverage that gives superior durability and cutting efficiency.


Great White Z:

  • Multi layered fine diamonds eliminate chipping
  • Designed to contour and finish zirconia substructures and margins with reduced heat generation and micro-fracturing
  • Fine grit reduces vibration which is more comfortable for the patient
  • Reduces hand piece wear and tear
  • Eliminates using multiple traditional diamond burs
  • Four specialty shapes for adjustment procedures, slot crown removal technique, and endodontic access
  • Friction grip shank configuration


How much time and materials do you waste trying to cut zirconia?

Now you can remove a zirconia crown in less than 5 minutes, gain endo access in less than a minute, and trim & adjust efficiently with 1 bur!!

Great White Z is designed to take on the toughest zirconia crowns and copings with ease!!

Great White Z Kit For Zirconia (4 Bur Kit)

Code: SSW46-000

was AU$129.00

now AU$99.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

Time saving

Reduce the 30 minutes that normal diamonds would take to cut off a zirconia crown to 4 minutes

You cut off 125 crown per year:

  • Diamond burs: 125 crowns x 30 mins each = 3750 minutes/60 = 62.5 Hours
  • Great White: 125 crowns x 4 mins each = 500 minutes/60 = 8.3 Hours


Why not save 54.2 hours over the year by switching to the right bur?

35% of all new crowns are zirconia. Be prepared with the right bur.


Great White® Z: 4 shapes:

  • Taper (856-018)
  • Round Small (801-014)
  • Round Large (801-018) 
  • Football (379-023)


Great White® Z: Tips for use:

  • Recommended speed 160,000 RPM’s
  • Use appropriate air and water during use
  • Apply light contact pressure during use


Sold in a Starter Kit with 4 burs and autoclavable bur block: (1) Great White® Z #GWZ 856-018, (1) Great White® Z #GWZ 801-014, (1) Great White® Z #GWZ 801-018, (1) Great White® Z #GWZ 379-023

Also available in refill packs of 10.



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