Prelude SE

Self-Etch Adhesive System

High Bond Strength to Dentine, Cut & Uncut Enamel &

Dental Substrates without using Phosphoric Acid

Described by Prof Ray Bertolotti as:
“World’s Best Adhesive” & “Zero Sensitivity”
  • High 5 minute and 24hr bond strengths (34.7MPa)
  • May be used with or without Phosphoric Acid
  • Use on dentine, cut & uncut enamel, porcelain and composites
  • Ultra-thin film thickness of only 5 micron – does not appear as radiolucent decay
  • Option of Link bottle #3 to convert to a dual-cure compatible adhesive system
  • Fast and easy to use: one 10 sec application for primer & one 10 sec application for adhesive
  • Dr Gordon Christensen described Prelude as: “A Clone or Close Cousin of SE Bond”
Prelude SE Bonding steps
  • Start with a clean prepped or uncut surface
  • Scrub Prelude Primer Yellow Bottle onto dentine & enamel for 10 seconds
  • Use air gently for thorough evaporation
  • Apply Prelude Adhesive Black bottle with a new brush & scrub 10 seconds
  • Air to evaporate solvent, Air thin, light cure & proceed with filling material

Prelude SE (Self Etch) Kit

Code: DAN01-010

AU$190.00 (Incl. GST 10%)
Prelude SE is a one of the fastest and easiest to use, Self-Etch Adhesive systems on the market. Research has proven high bond strengths to dentine, enamel, and even on uncut enamel. This system offers the versatility to be used with self-cure or dual-cure composites. Others cannot claim that. 
Professor Ray Bertolotti, widely known as the God Father of Adhesive Dentistry to Australia, describes Prelude as his ‘Dream Bond.’ Proven over time, Prelude continues to be Australia’s favourite SE Adhesive
See 2019 Chicago Mid-winter presentation notes:
Prelude SE 2 Bottle System for all Light-Cured Applications
Prelude Primer #1 Yellow Bottle:
The Primer is water based with a methacryl phosphate and hydrophilic monomer to condition the tooth prior to bonding. It modifies & leaves the smear layer intact. There is no fear of over etching dentine or under infiltration of the zone of hybridization.
Prelude Adhesive #2 Black Bottle:
This Adhesive is nano-filled and its ethanol-based is easily evaporated.
Placed over Prelude Primer #1 and cured, you alleviate transudation. An impermeable hydrophobic layer forms to prevent hydrostatic fluids to flow through your adhesive. 
Once cured, Prelude Adhesive has a low film thickness of only 5 microns.
This is important for 2 reasons:
a. It will not show radiolucent voids on X-rays mistaken as a gap or decay
b. Assures proper fit and seating of indirect restorations.
Prelude Adhesive is applied over Prelude Primer # 1 for a self-etch procedure
or it can be used as a total etch adhesive - after a total etch, rinse and dry – then place Adhesive, air-tin and light-cure. This adhesive is forgiving and you do not need to worry about over drying or leaving the tooth structure moist prior to its application. Other Adhesives can not claim this level of forgiveness.
Prelude Adhesive will not bond to your metal matrix band like many others bonds that make matrix removal difficult.
For Use with Self-Cured Cements – 
Add Prelude Link #3 Red Bottle:
Link converts Prelude to dual-cure system. A single layer is placed over the top of bottle # 2. It will then self-set once it incorporates with the tertiary amines from the self or dual cured composite. The perfect addition for indirect restorations. You are assured complete set of your composite. Many Cerec users love the Prelude SE system for this very reason.
Buy a 2 Bottle Kit for Light-Cured OR 3 Bottle Kit for Self-Cured
Prelude SE Kit Contains: Primer #1 Yellow bottle 5 ml, Adhesive # 2 Black bottle 5 ml, Link # 3 Red bottle 5 ml, Brush tips & Instructions.
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