Restoration Repair


In the same class as Co-Jet®* but about 30% less expensive.

Use intraorally for repair of ceramic, zirconia, alumina, lithium silicate, composite, and metal surfaces.

  • Etches & silicates all surfaces at the same time
  • Leaves a glass coated surface
  • Tip: After etching with Siljet powder, don’t was off the silicate surface. Silanate it.
  • Typical technique – e.g PFM repair: ‘Sandblast’ both the porcelain & exposed metal. Silane. Result: A fast & easy PFM repair


The Siljet kit includes: 2 Opaquers: White Opaque to mask metal & Tooth Coloured to mask underlying dark tooth structure, 40 gram jar Siljet Powder ( use with a Microetcher ), S-Bond (silane) 10 ml, E-Bond (enamel bond) 10 ml, Accessories & Instructions.


*Co-Jet® is a registered trademark of 3M®

SilJet Repair System Kit

Code: DAN08-000

was AU$300.00

now AU$260.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

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