Restoration Cleaner - Fights Surface Contaminates

To Improve Bond Strength to Zirconia

  • Cleans & Decontaminates Zirconia restoration surface after try in
  • Removes contaminants such as phosphate groups in saliva, blood and lipids
  • Non acidic with pH of 13 & based on Potassium Hydroxide
  • Re-exposes bonding sites on zirconia
  • Easy to use syringe for pin-point placement
  • ZirClean gel consistency is non-abrasive with easy placement & wash off


Zirconia treatment steps

  • Try in to check occlusion & fit
  • Remove & gentle sandblast – See additional tips below
  • Rinse with water & dry
  • Apply ZirClean and allow to sit for 20 seconds
  • Rinse with water & dry
  • Place Z Prime Plus followed by DC Luting cement. Or alternatively just TheraCem onto ZirCleaned restoration



ZirClean Restoration Cleaner Syringe & Tips 5gm

Code: BIS60-001

AU$60.00 (Incl. GST 10%)

Zirconia Bond is a Reality
The myth of the NO-ZIRCONIA BOND is almost extinguished. Much research verifies that the chemical, MDP really bonds to zirconia surfaces.


So, the first thing to do is treat your Zirconia surface right….. from the start.


To set the record – the following materials need to be removed from Zirconia prior to bonding

  • Saliva & blood = Contaminants and zirconia bond blocker
  • Phosphoric Acid = Takes up the bonding site
  • Silane = Does not work on Zirconia and should only be used for ceramics / porcelain


During try-in, the phosphate ions in saliva renders the zirconia surface virtually unbondable.  
surface. You cannot remove this ionic bond by rinsing with water or ultrasonic cleaning. You need to use an alkaline solution like ZirClean. 
ZirClean’s is potassium hydroxide (KOH, pH13).
ZirClean re-exposes the bonding sites 


Zirconia cannot be chemically etched with Phosphoric or Hydrofluoric Acids. 

To ‘Etch’ Zirconia use a MicroEtcher gently
Use 50-micron aluminium oxide in the MicroEtcher IIA at 30-45 psi on a 60-degree angle at a 1 to 2 cm distance for less than 20 seconds.


‘Cleaning’ Zirconia with phosphoric etch is a big fat No-No.
Phosphoric acid takes up the bonding sites on the zirconia. 
Zirconia needs is to be cleaned with ZirClean® a high pH gel


Now apply MDP, zirconia bonding material, either Z Prime Plus or TheraCem. 
Click to read a great explanatory article on the matter:


ZirClean may also be used to clean & remove organic matter on metal & ceramic surfaces.
ZirClean Kit contains 5 gm Syringe of ZirClean, 30 disposable tips, and instructions

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